Marie Chaudy - Mar 13, 2019 simplifies the after-sales service experience for both merchants and customers

Who are

Combining human expertise with cutting-edge technology, our SaaS platform is the first plug-and-play returns management solution for retailers.

It allows retailers to save valuable time managing claims and returns, to significantly improve customer satisfaction and to easily expand their sales abroad.

Since 2009, we have been tirelessly innovating in Reverse Logistics and we are proud to be the reference solution for distributors with clients such as Fnac-Darty, La Redoute, Rue du Commerce, TechData or Boulanger and more than 200 merchants.

"Our experience with prestigious e-commerce actors, our European logistics network and our cutting edge technology allow us to clearly answer to the after-sales challenges that retailers are facing today." - Vincent Torres, CEO of


What is our innovation?

Since 2009, our company is pioneered the management of after-sales service through a SaaS platform. Previously specialized in high-tech products with the major French retailers, we started a major R&D program to develop a platform opened to all retailers regardless of their products, size or country.

By connecting the entire ecosystem (carriers, warehouses, suppliers, call centers or repairers), provides full traceability of returns to retailers and their customers.


Why is it more relevant than ever?

In 2017, retail ecommerce sales worldwide reached $2.304 trillion, a 24.8% increase over the previous year, eMarketer estimates. This highly growth creates a new problem: up to 24% of products purchased on the Internet are returned. Indeed, 75% of companies said that the number of returns has increased with the e-commerce development and 39% said that it is affect their ability to manage their reverse logistics operations. (Supply Chain Management study, 2018)

Moreover, after-sales service is became the #3 factor of purchase (after price and delivery). Rebound study explains that 92% of e-buyers said that the range of returns options are an important consideration in their purchasing decision!

Companies have improved the customer purchase journey through fast delivery and many shipping options. Nowadays, customers want the same consideration when they have to make a return. It is even more important to understand customer problems and avoid bad rating on the marketplaces!


What are the benefits for e-sellers?

  • Claims from all their distribution channels on a unique platform
  • Time-saving (up to 80%) in claims management by outsourcing all or part of their after-sales service
  • Claims traceability thanks to a platform connected to all actors of their reverse logistics: buyers, carriers, suppliers, logistics providers, repairers, e-commerce platforms, call centers…
  • Improved customer satisfaction by offering a unique and faster return process (+150% NPS)
  • Sales growth and better scoring on marketplaces
  • Start selling abroad thanks to our multilingual customer relationship team
  • Business intelligence: logistical data tracking and flow optimization




What are the benefits for buyers, the end users?

  • A platform easy to use: UX interface
  • An omni-channel customer journey: self-care online, phone, store
  • Important choice of return options: choice of solutions, mode of transport, place of deposit, etc.
  • Fast processing of the claims thanks to the automation of after-sales process: 2 times faster, +150% NPS
  • More autonomy: online claims reporting, online shipping label printing, online parcel tracking, etc.
  • Total transparency on the return process: notifications and direct access to their files

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Written by Marie Chaudy

Marketing Manager at, e-commerce and reverse logistics specialist