3 min read
e-commerce - Sep 12, 2019

The Role of Returns in e-Commerce

The convenience of being able to return a product easily has revolutionised online shopping with customers now able to shop for a multitude of items which previously would only have been possible in stores.
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6 min read
e-commerce - Apr 24, 2019

Managing returns in dropshipping

Your dropshipping business is working like a charm. You are making big sales, your list of customers is increasing day after day, and your numbers won’t stop growing. You are constantly improving your marketing strategy and you...
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7 min read
marketplace - Apr 10, 2019

What do online shoppers expect in 2019?

What kind of people do their shopping online? How do they like to shop? Well, the answer is as easy as reading through our 7-point list below! Once you've armed yourself with knowledge, we'll give you 7 more handy bits of advice...
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4 min read
e-commerce - Mar 27, 2019

6 tips for a good Returns Management

When it comes to shopping online, logistics have a bigger impact on whether or not a customer hits the buy button than you might think. In fact, offering free shipping has been shown to increase orders by 30% on average. But, did...
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5 min read
e-commerce - Mar 20, 2019

After-sales and returns: what regulations in Europe?

So, you’ve translated your product catalogue, opened up a new online shop, got to grips with VAT figures, and finally found somebody to deliver your goods: your business is ready to go international. But have you thought about...
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6 min read
marketplace - Mar 13, 2019

How can you write a return policy that will increase your sales?

You have optimised your catalogue, improved the management of your orders, met your delivery deadlines... So why spend time now on your return and refund policy?
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3 min read
e-commerce - Mar 13, 2019

Revers.io simplifies the after-sales service experience for both merchants and customers

Who are Revers.io? Combining human expertise with cutting-edge technology, our SaaS platform Revers.io is the first plug-and-play returns management solution for retailers.
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