3 min read
e-commerce - Sep 12, 2019

The Role of Returns in e-Commerce

The convenience of being able to return a product easily has revolutionised online shopping with customers now able to shop for a multitude of items which previously would only have been possible in stores.
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4 min read
e-commerce - Mar 27, 2019

6 tips for a good Returns Management

When it comes to shopping online, logistics have a bigger impact on whether or not a customer hits the buy button than you might think. In fact, offering free shipping has been shown to increase orders by 30% on average. But, did...
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3 min read
e-commerce - Mar 13, 2019

Revers.io simplifies the after-sales service experience for both merchants and customers

Who are Revers.io? Combining human expertise with cutting-edge technology, our SaaS platform Revers.io is the first plug-and-play returns management solution for retailers.
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