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Manage your after-sales service with cutting edge technology connects all your users together, whether internal or external

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Delight customers

Your customers no longer want to waste time on the phone or have to go to the store: they expect a simple and fast online experience.


  • Self-help: Solve your customers' problems online or offer them immediate support for their request.
  • Home-based intervention:  Allow your customers to select a home-based intervention slot via our integration with Salesforce Field Service
  • Follow-up notifications:  Keep your customers informed at every stage of progress of their case thanks to the connection of all the actors of the after-sales chain.

Smart product dispatch

Optimize your repair times and costs by sending the product directly to the right repair center thanks to our logistics rules engine.


  • Set-up of the choice of technical stations:  Our algorithm makes it possible to determine the assignment of the file according to criteria of warranty, costs, deadlines or even ecological with local addressing.
  • Management of warranties: Execute the right business process based on the warranty identified by the rules engine.
  • Management of supplier agreements:  Automatically apply the process negotiated with your supplier to send the product and/or obtain compensation.

Your ecosystem connected is an open platform connected to after-sales service players: carriers, logisticians, repairers, suppliers


  • Logistics: Generate transport labels, track parcels during their transport or their journey through the warehouse.
  • Suppliers:  Automate your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) requests to your suppliers, download return agreements, and collect your credit notes.
  • Repairers:  Communicate with your external repairers, obtain quotes automatically and download intervention reports.

Repair and spare parts management

Good spare parts management is the key to an efficient after-sales service. We started from a blank page to optimize the life cycle of parts to help our customers reduce their costs and lead times.


  • Quote and intervention report : Manage service catalog and pricing, send quotes and allow customers to pay online, generate intervention report with no hassle.
  • Technician request management:  Search within internal or supplier parts stocks and select their delivery method (workshop, van, home or collection point).
  • Stock and dispatch management:  Manage your stock of parts and dispatch technicians' orders directly from the platform.
  • Order management:  Automate spare parts orders by connecting with your suppliers

Main features


Self Service

Return portal with embedded shipping, payment, refund and documents management.

Business Process Management

Manage your business specifities with no code thanks to our business rules and workflows management.

Connected partners

Save time and get full traceability with your carriers, logisticians, repairers, suppliers, buyback partners ...

Repairs and spare parts

Manage warranties, service plans, quotes, spare part, intervention workflows and assignements.


Manage omnichannel payment, refunds, invoicing and credit note collection for you and your partners.


Pilot your aftersales activity with KPI and real time alerts. Manage your reporting with no-hassle.

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Cost reduction
Processing times
connected partners

A complete after-sales experience

Manage all your after-sales service operational flows with our platform


Returns Management

To operate the return flows on orders your customers do not wish to keep.

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To supply your second-life product offering from returns.

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