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Smart dispatch of returns

Depending on the information provided during returns, direct the products directly to their correct destination: your new stock, your second-hand stock, a store, a recovery partner, an association


  • Qualification: Identify the type of flow via the answers provided by the user and direct them directly to the right process.
  • Local return: Reduce the footprint of returns by directing all or part of your flows to local resale.
  • Connected partners: Automate exchanges with your recovery partners and associations.

Manage refurbishing

Take advantage of's repair features to manage the reconditioning of your products in anticipation of their re-sale.


  • Management of repair shops: Manage your internal or subcontracted repair activities.
  • Spare parts management: Identify and order the parts necessary for the repair.
  • Cannibalization: The main obstacle to reconditioning is the absence of spare parts on certain products. Build up your stock of parts via non-repairable products.

Automate re-sale

The management of a second life offer requires adaptations in the data model of your product catalog as well as specific data to be collected. helps you with this.


  • Creation of unique product sheet: Fill in the information relating to the product (damaged box, aesthetic defect, etc.) and insert descriptive photos of the condition.
  • Integration with your second life e-commerce: Automatically distribute the product on your merchant site.
  • Dissemination to partners: Allow your partners to view your stocks of second-life products and reserve them.

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Equip yourself with the best technology to revaluate your returns

Returns Orientation

Returns Orientation

Ship your returns to the right second-life solution based on product condition and business rules.

Qualification of the product

Qualification of the product

Enter a description upon receipt and insert pictures to remarket the product.

Reconditioning process

Reconditioning process

Manage the refurbishment process with specific workflows and partners integration.

Spare parts

Manage spare parts catalog, stock and orders. Dismantle product to create 2nd life spare parts.


Manage costs and margin of your second life activity thanks to the data collected on the platform.


Pilot your 2nd life activity with KPI and real time alerts. Manage your reporting with no-hassle. 

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A complete after-sales experience

Manage all your after-sales service operational flows with our platform


Returns management

To operate the return flows on orders your customers do not wish to keep.

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Repair Management

To manage your broken or damaged product flows.

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