Offer the best return experience to your customers and your employees is the Returns Management System that handles all your reverse logistics flows.
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The platform is for retailers and brands who want to use a cutting-edge technology to manage their returns. Click on the video to learn more:
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Our key features

Managing omnichannel returns is a major issue in the customer experience.
Customer Return Portal

Offer a online return portal to your buyers to return their products in a few clicks.

Shipping Labels Creation

Return labels are automatically generated at the address of your choice.

Smart Logistics

Our logistics algorithm finds the best transport plan for each return.

Business Process Management

Your after-sales service procedures are set up in the platform and automatically applied to each request.

Repair Management

Order spare parts, manage quotes and intervention report.

Supplier Management

Automate RMA and credit note collection.


You have the necessary data to manage your after-sales management and to be proactive in your decisions.

360 ° tracking

All stakeholders in the return chain are connected to the platform for seamless visibility.

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We help the most successful companies, why not you? meets the new demands of consumers and offers the most advanced technology on the market.

A white label return portal

Return Portal

A frontend that delivers a seamless, multi-device, real-time experience to your customers to increase your retention rate

Consumer expectations are changing, and retailers should offer an omnichannel experience to their customers, from one entry point to another and from one device to another. With our platform, the buyer, the customer service or the store connects to our interface and manages the product return in a few clicks. The buyer is notified of the progress of his file at each stage and finds all his documents online (shipping return labels, receipt, etc.).

Excellent transport service for returns

Reliable return delivery service, quality and seamless parcel tracking

Nowadays, special attention is paid to the delivery of purchases as it is one of the pillars of customer satisfaction. The same attention should be given to the return transport which is the main asset that wins customer loyalty after an unpleasant purchase. Our solution allows your customers to choose the mode of transport and the drop-off place, to print their shipping labels online and to follow their returns step by step, thanks to a full tracking system. The client is autonomous, informed and satisfied.

Return Portal

A back office to monitor and manage after-sales flows

Back office

A seller interface adapted to your business rules to meet the specific requirements of your customers

To address new consumer purchasing trends, a distributor needs to be flexible and agile. Implementing a SaaS solution tailored to an omnichannel strategy is now essential. It allows merchants to manage several stakeholders: suppliers, logistics providers, carriers, e-commerce platforms, ERP, etc. and to offer the best after-sales experience to their customers.

A standardization of your returns process

A custom-made workflow to automate your procedures and remove low value-added tasks

The rapid growth of the e-commerce sector is transforming claims management. Our platform is tailored to your specific business rules to offer a unique consumer journey to your customers and a closer collaboration with your suppliers. Because reverse logistics is a complex process, offers distributors a seamless integrated system with a reliable unique source environment for all users. Our platform allows a constant and seamless exchange between your customers, partners and your brand.

Back office

A business intelligence to support your decisions


Data and analysis to plan your return activity and manage your logistics partners

To be agile, retailers must now consider the end result as a moving goal and seek continual improvement. Sellers have to measure their reverse logistics in real time in order to make the right decisions. Our technology allows you to improve your productivity and your customer service through regular monitoring and immediate access to your data. The skilful management of your after-sales flows responds to the market speed requirement and increases the loyalty of your customers.

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